Breaking Bad, REAL Bad, Bird-Call Champion Turn Drug Cook  – TSB Stories : Phil Ep. 10

Each day when I cut hair on the streets I meet amazing people with amazing stories. Stories that most people never get to see or hear. Stories that can warm my heart, and break it at the same time.

Phil’s energy floored me – talk about life experience! From being the Australian National Bird Champion back in the 90’s (who knew that was a thing!) to using and selling drugs, and then finding out later in life that he has had a manic bipolar disorder his whole life and that it was masked from his drug abuse. We got along like a house on fire and I was so fascinated with how far he has come in life!

Big Thanks to the Servants Community Housing for hosting the film crew and I .

Servants Community Housing provides affordable accommodation and safe housing for those on low incomes , many of whom suffer from long-term mental illnesses. They are passionate about providing respect, dignity and hope for their residence. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days cutting hair and connecting with some of there residence. Find out how you can support this amazing facility ( www.servants.org.au )

#thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart

Video created by Round 3 ( round3.com.au )

Music by;
“Tuff Guy” and “U-mah Oh-chin” by MLFQUE
“Sorry For The Wait” and “Surrounded, But Still So Alone” by Paradise

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