Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte starts shooting new film in Sydney | Breaking News US/Australia

He’s known for his role in hit series, Breaking Bad.And American star RJ Mitte is set to start shooting his new film, Standing Up For Sunny in Sydney, this week.The 25-year-old appears in the romantic comedy alongside Australian star and Home and Away’s Philippa Northeast, 23, with the film being her first.The film centres around a guy – RJ’s character – with cerebal palsy, who helps an up-and-coming comedian.RJ was diagnosed with cerebal palsy when he was a child.’We really hit some important things in this movie and I think it will hit home for a lot of people,’ RJ told The Daily Telegraph.Speaking about actors playing disabled characters, AJ admitted: ‘I am OK with able-bodied actors playing disabled roles, my only problem with it is if they don’t learn from it and evolve with it.’ He added: ‘So many people look at disabilities as a negative thing, as something we need to get rid of and evolve from.That’s obviously not the case.’ RJ is known for playing Walter ‘Flynn’ White Jr.on hit series, Breaking Bad, with his character also having cerebal palsy.RJ has also dabbled in modelling, and has walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood.In May 2015, he told the UK’s Telegraph that Breaking Bad changed his life, but didn’t make him a millionaire.He revealed that he is financially responsible for his family, with his adoptive mother being left paralysed for six years following an accident.He added: ‘People see me and they think that I’m a millionaire and that I have an extremely significant living.That’s not the case.’ The star also told The Guardian that while he’s grateful for the role of Walt Jr in Breaking Bad, he doesn’t want to be known ‘forever’ for playing the character.’Nothing I do will ever compare with Breaking Bad,’ he said.’I have better performances in me.

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