BREAKING: Every Memo-Bashing Dem In D.C. Just Got SLAMMED With Bad News!

Game show host Pat Sajak is one of the rare celebrities in Hollywood who isn’t afraid to show his conservatism and stand up for it no matter who it offends. He’s a lot like President Donald Trump in that sense and now he’s come out again for s second time to shut up his president’s haters in the best way. First, it was mouthy late night talk show host and notorious Trump-basher Jimmy Kimmel who Sajak shut up, and now it’s a group who needed it most – lying liberal lawmakers who just attempted to destroy Trump and lost big time.

When Sajak isn’t hosting his extremely successful show, The Wheel Of Fortune, he’s supporting Trump and using his public platform to do it. It’s a rare sight in Hollywood and this week, America saw an even more disrespectful scene which Sajak was particularly bothered by and didn’t hold back in shutting these whiny brats up.

After seeing all the disrespect from the left in attendance at Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday, Sajak sent all these whiny losers a message. From refusing to stand for a standing ovation the President deserved, to disrespectfully playing cellphone games during his speech like petulant children, Sajak had seen enough.

Conservative Tribune reports:

When the president talked about how the Islamic State group was on the run, they didn’t stand.

It was pretty noticeable for everyone, including “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak. In a Twitter post, he roasted the Democrats over their decision to keep their seats during most of the president’s speech.

“What a great prank!” Sajak tweeted Tuesday. “Somebody put glue on half of the seats at State of the Union Address!”

It may have seemed that way, but it wasn’t entirely true. For instance, Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez stormed out of the speech when Republicans were chanting “USA! USA!”

He would later call Trump’s State of the Union speech “racist,” because of course he would.

This was all in spite of the fact that Trump’s first official State of the Union had a lot more talk about unity than the Democrats would have likely expected.

“I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion, and creed,” Trump said on immigration.

When he talked about the Las Vegas shooting, Trump said, “But it is not enough only to come together in times of tragedy. Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. This is really the key. These were the people we were elected to serve.”

This not only didn’t get many people standing on the Democrat side of the aisle, it got a rather pointed glare from Nancy Pelosi.

Most viewers approved of the speech. In fact, the first poll to come out after the State of the Union indicated 75 percent of the audience liked the president’s message.

“LOL! Trump’s four-word response for Dems who brought illegal aliens ‘DREAMers’ to the SOTU won the night: ‘Americans are dreamers, too,” Sarah Palin America reported.

We love how Sajak calls these children out so everyone can see, rather than providing fake sympathy for the dreamers and the left since that’s the popular thing to do. This is what he did when he put popular late night show host and Trump-hater, Jimmy Kimmel in his place.

We previously reported of this incredible smackdown:

Longtime television personality Pat Sajak is well aware of the hypocrisy of the celebrities that he’s surrounded with acting like the oracles of politics that they pretend to be. America Now reports that his comments have caused quite a bit of controversy amongst those that he works with on a regular basis, as well as his fan base:

Some of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak’s comments have gone viral — and they’re sparking controversy.

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BREAKING: Every Memo-Bashing Dem In D.C. Just Got SLAMMED With Bad News!

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