BREAKING: Sessions Gives Trump Leakers Bad News, Prison Time Possible

BREAKING: Sessions Gives Trump Leakers Bad News, Prison Time Possible
One of the most significant problems the United States is facing is leakers revealing sensitive information. It doesn’t matter whether this information is exposed to the media, or directly to the public.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had enough. According to Fox News, Mr. Sessions said: “Leaks have reached epidemic proportions.” He continued, “We have 27 ongoing investigations, some of those involve leaks before President Trump took office, and some after.” This is a huge deal for national security, and for people who have fallen victim to leaks.The Attorney General revealed this information Tuesday. The 27 investigations mentioned is three times more than the agency had in the three years before the leaks picked up momentum.

Mr. Sessions pointed out the sharp increase of leaks over the past couple of years. “But before that, it was only three per year — there were nine.”

A question arose from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on whether or not there had been anyone responsible “criminally or administratively” for putting information out against the Trump administration on political grounds.There was “the individual in Georgia,” according to Mr. Sessions. His comment was in reference to National Security Agency contractor, Reality Winner. She leaked “Top Secret Level” information from a classified report.

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