BREAKING: Trump Gives Welfare Moochers Bad News, It’s Brilliant

SOURCE:Christian News Alerts
BREAKING: Trump Gives Welfare Moochers Bad News, It’s Brilliant
The President has announced what the next major issue on the table will be after the new tax plan’s been implemented. Those who’ve been exploiting the welfare system should be concerned.

President Donald Trump announced that the next piece of agenda item after passing tax reform legislation would be a welfare reform. Aimed at cutting away waste and fraud, the President has already begun cracking down on these programs, including Obama’s infamous “phone giveaway,” according to The Washington Post.

With tax legislation going through with less difficulty then the Obamacare repeal bills, which languished on the Senate floor until the President signed an Executive Order, the Trump administration’s next major initiative will focus on cleaning up the problems in our welfare system.

“We’re looking very strongly at welfare reform, and that’ll all take place right after taxes, very soon, very shortly after taxes,” Mr. Trump said in a brief comment at the White House.

The President alluded that after welfare, which he described as being “desperately needed in our country,” his administration would look at an infrastructure proposal. As for the timing, he expects the tax legislation would reach his desk by Christmas, saying that it would be a “great big, beautiful Christmas present” for Americans.The White House budget proposal would also include tighter eligibility requirements for low-income Americans claiming welfare. The House version of the bill, for example, would require taxpayers claiming child tax credits to provide Social Security numbers, which they don’t need to do currently.

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