Creating Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits: Learn How to Transform Your Life Completely – Audiobook

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Written by: James Wilcox
Length: 3 hrs and 18 mins
Language: English
Most of us want to feel empowered, like we have control of our own lives. We want to make the choices about how we go through life, how we work, how we play and how we relate to people. But sometimes our best intentions are torpedoed by a silent force inside all of us. It is our small, silent but powerful army of habits. Habits are the way we behave automatically, the things we do without thinking. We have learned how to do them but we do not control them. They crop up unexpectedly when we least want them and make us do what they want. Some of these habits are good and they help us get ahead in life but some are also bad and highly destructive.
In his book entitled Creating Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits author James Wilcox discusses in detail the science of habits and shows you step by step how to create good habits while eliminating the bad ones. In this book you will learn How habits work to make your life both easier and harder How to create new habits and eliminate bad ones How your habits can be manipulated by others How you can assess your habits and decide what needs changing How you can develop the vital habit to learn:
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