Creationism vs. The Big Bang Theory: How Common Sense Takes a Backseat to Modern “Science”

Do you remember when, common sense was more… commonplace?

This is just a simple thought experiment, which examines the probability, or likelihood, that all we see around us everyday, this perfectly working system we call nature, is just the result of random luck, created from an accidental explosion long ago. The only thing more insane to me, than someone believing that all of this, golden ratio abiding, perfectly working nature, in which man hasn’t even fully discovered much less completely understood, is the result of an accidental explosion, is that I myself used to believe this.

Wake up folks, you did not come from a monkey/rock/alien/whatever they’ll sell you next. You were CREATED. There is a reason the world’s Satanic “elite” hate the Creator and slight Him at every chance they get. So think about that next time you wonder if God is real. They don’t waste their time, money and lives in a campaign against the Easter Bunny, do they?

Unless you’re a Natural Ferrari Theorist, you can easily see how the Creator’s signature is all around us. Man cannot replicate nature, he tries, he fails. This is because “nature” is not some random set of circumstances in which he can improve upon. It was designed, like you and I, from abilities beyond our comprehension. From the Creator.

Thanks for checking this little video out, and sound off in the comments below, with your take. Don’t be afraid to call something what it is. The Big Bang Theory is not scientific or logical at all, it is nonsense, like much of what man is told today.

What do you think?

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