Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.

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  1. Cool! Sure, there is a ton of crap in crypto. However, how can we share each others unused data? How can you have free Internet without using an ISP? How do you make a self driving car? What makes Sophia the robot tick? How do you decentralize the power of big banks and monopolies? Crypto! That’s how. That’s what makes it valuable.

  2. Perfect example of John Oliver being a sellout/corporate puppet. Knows almost nothing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain yet rips it apart. It shouldn’t be a surprise however that when you work for an industry that is threatened by a new technology, that you would sacrifice open mindedness and hope towards something that could bring unprecedented equality and efficiency to the world.

  3. And if you think about it, most of the mining nodes visibly available on shodan.io have default username and passwords because most entrylevel folk dont know basic network security. That’s what security model youre justifying to replace your bank infrastructure. The idea of a few banks being insecure now requires that we unleash a world of insecure systems. Try uetoken too!

  4. There are number of ethical voices in the cryptocurrency community. We advocate caution and having access to accurate data to make smart decisions. *Do not* invest anything you are not willing to lose.

    John Oliver and his team should have consulted some of the more reasonable voices in the community.

  5. John, I have definitely fallen out of favor of your take on recent events, but fuck me sideways if you don’t always dress like a stud

  6. Ha, 9 days after this show aired I watched it and googled ‘Brock Pierce scandal’, and 9 out of 10 search results was about John Oliver getting Pierce sacked from EOS 😀

  7. … That’s not really a happy face on a reporter that Jon’s describing at 8:33… that looks kinda more like a “I’m horrified, but awkwardly fascinated” grimace.

  8. BITCOIN’S price could drop to a shocking low of $2,800 per token in a “precipitous drop” as the cryptocurrency’s closing price over the last 50 days is close to its 200-day moving average which has “spooked” some analysts, it has been warned.
    Try to sell ur ripple now cause it gonna crash on 03/24/2018 and it will be big and go down to below .30748 per coin

  9. I want fucking real money that is made out of gold or silver. Like it used to be in the very old days……………….

  10. if I had a time machine I’d go back and buy a bitcoin when it first started. But once something blows up, it’s already too late to get in

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  12. I have bitcoin. I sent my sister $5 in bitcoin and was charged $20 in fees. Coinbase never responded to why this happened.
    If that shit is gonna happen, I can’t get behind bitcoin.
    Otherwise, I’ve had great experience with it.

  13. “Decentralization has advantages, from speed to security.”

    This is completely wrong. The only advantage is security from a corrupted central party. Centralized systems can be much, much faster – the key thing is that you have to trust them.

    It’s great to see John Oliver talking about this topic, but it’s unfortunate that these two keep being conflated.

  14. It’s very sad that Americans can only be taught something while simultaneously being entertained. But it’s very effective

  15. This was so on point and full of very useful information about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I (lmao) the entire time watching the video. The funny thing is there is a message that needs to be heard behind all the jokes .. I hope you can hear it

  16. My currency would be called orgasms. Pay with sex or pay with fake digital currency. Either way its going to be a few orgasms.

  17. Así que aquí fueron a parar algunos del equipo de college humor, me refiero al bueno y muy shilo, interesante 😮 🤔

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  20. Bitcoin don’t worth the risk. The money need to be regulated. U could use bitcoin to escape from taxes but also give money to ISIS.

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  22. Here’s the thing; John saying that “you’re not investing, you’re gambling” isn’t technically correct.

    There are very good investors who understand this market quite well and I know I’ve heard someone say that if you are in the world of asset management, you would be stupid not to have someone managing a crypto position.

    Do I think it’s going to be the future and Bitcoin will be the new global currency? No, of course not.
    Do I think it’s possible it will be though? Yes, it’s possible.
    Is its value going to go to zero? No, I’m sure it won’t.

    The truth is, in the future, Bitcoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies WILL have value. It’s a certainty just based on its properties. Personally, I plan on investing in Bitcoin but I have a limit in mind. And if you’re in the same boat, just remember, don’t invest what you aren’t prepared to lose because nothing is a sure thing.

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  24. So happy this is on the internet! Crypto Is finally getting some mainstream attention! We like John Oliver using Crypto terms! Makes us feel more justified. Even if we are the guy in the office who made a YouTube channel about it….

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  26. EmojiBlockchainDotCom is an excellent game. 99% players lose but you could be become a millionaire. Just don’t HODL.

  27. DeepOnion probably comes from Deep Web and the Onion network (which is the World Wide Web for Deep Web… or something like that), so it’s not that ridiculous once you can guess where the name comes from. But I’m #craefulgang myself.

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  29. Everybody bashing bitcoin, but don’t realize our currency is fiat and based on literally nothing. It’s value is whatever the Fed says it is. Which is terrifying.

  30. Bitcoin will be controlled by government later, Trump already added Crypto currency to 2018 taxes, that is only the start once USA sees how much taxes its going to collect with bitcoins, bye bye no middle man

  31. block chain is not safe because of other security issues with transactions. Its been hacked and will be hacked again. Then there is pumping and dumping. That breakdown video is literally the reason why bitcoin resurfaced on the news again. That’s why it could turn nearly worthless in a short time.

  32. Google glass did not fail because it was not a good idea or not popular, it failed because and only because it was prohibitively expensive.

  33. Yeah its always great ti hear about cryptoworld from such a big show. Try thi guide if you want to know more about it…

  34. I have to admit I do love this show, considering with cryptocurrencies you can steal it just like US currency if you leave it in the wild, but it can be tracked which is one main reason why it’s odd that governments don’t like it… It’s not going away you can’t stop it, you can’t steal it if you store it right. Like it or not it is here today.

  35. John and his network made a LOT of money from the corporate banksters–who own the corporate media he works for–for this video, truly. Thanks for nothing, John…except pumping and dumping on a way for the 99% to overcome the hegemony of your employers.

  36. Great video, but I’m a little disappointed John didn’t answer to the #1 most common question I hear from old folks who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency: “How is a bitcoin made?” (I’m no expert, but I usually tell them something about complex computations that people use their home computers to solve, and how the cost of electricity to run your average computer to solve the computations outpaces the amount of crypto you can mine… and how this has lead to people making “crypto mining machines” that costs tons of money to make, which has driven the computer graphics card market to insane prices, and now PC building hobbyists hate crypto miners because a $500 graphics card now costs $1300…)

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  38. Love what they did here.enogh with stealing people money on shitty projects and wortless coins .enogh with icos scams

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  41. Nice video. Like flowers, currencies may bud and bloom but they all stem from their golden roots. All currencies fade and fall away with time. The central bank of central banks (BIS) knows this truth all too well (simply google ‘BIS money flower’ to see this illustrated). No monetary proxy endures like physical precious metal bullion does. This is precisely why central banks and their government partners buy and hoard about 20% of the physical gold mined throughout history.

  42. Thanks. i like the way he tells people to steer clear of televangelists and crypto-currencies which are both not good ways of investing your money most all the time.

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  45. “The craziest thing to happen in Fort Myers that isn’t illegal or disguising , we’re southern Florida and we wished we were southern Cali.”

  46. DeepOnion is clever,, referring to the “.onion” extension at the end of darknet URL’s. The term Onion, referring to the layers of encryption involved in darknet, or *Deepnet, domains.

  47. Turn a chicken mcnugget back into a chicken… Simple.. you’d simply reassemble the amino acids back into the form the chicken had when it was a chicken.. not like it’s hard.. ibm made a movie with atoms…

  48. If you really think about it, the fact that stock prices are reacting to simple name changes (without any added value) is very scary. That means that there’s a systemic problem in the U.S’ stock market for it to be highly sensitive to average consumer perception (I doubt this rise is coming from any professional investors because they’d know better). This sort of volatility (which people perceive as good when stock prices rise) poses a lot of risk on the financial industry as a whole. This effectively means that the stock market doesn’t derive its value from meaningful things but rather superficial (highly volatile) factors. Now it should be noted that it has long been understood that consumer/investor perception play a part in the stock market’s value but it shouldn’t have such a strong effect.

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  50. Oh great, just what we need. Another public figure publicly denouncing crypto while secretly buying all they can.

    Make fun all you want loser John, I’m smiling all the way to the bank. Blockchain will and has changed to world forever.






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  53. They just restarted a shut-down coal plant to use for bitcoin mining.

    Fuck cryptocurrancy, fuck it so hard.

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  55. Just wait.. laugh now and see china win the trade war! facebook get what they deserve, look at what tron are doing, tronix example, so many chinese companies like redpulse etc.. laugh now 🙂 and in usa u need to have 2 million usd atleast to “join” ico or stockmarket.. who laugh at last 🙂

  56. John McAfee will eat his own penis if bitcoin doesn’t reach a million dollars each in a few year’s time.

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