Dead Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are Alive In The Books

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Game of Thrones is one of the bloodiest shows on television, and it’s taken some serious creative liberties with the source material, especially since it’s now surpassed the timeline in George R.R. Martin’s books. With a body count that continues to climb with every episode, there’ve been quite a few characters to bite the dust on the show, even if they’re still alive and well in Martin’s world. Here are some of those dead Game of Thrones characters you may still read about in The Winds of Winter…

Catelyn Stark | 0:25
Ramsay Bolton | 1:27
Shireen Baratheon | 2:37
Alliser Thorne | 3:48
Tommen Baratheon | 4:40
Myrcella Baratheon | 5:39
Rickon Stark | 6:39
Hodor | 7:09
Lancel Lannister | 7:47
Walder Frey | 8:38
Olenna Tyrell | 9:28
Benjen Stark | 10:13
Littlefinger | 10:56
Viserion | 11:49
The rest of the undead | 12:25

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