“Don’t go near that woman! She’s your aunt!” Liam Cunningham on Daenerys and Jon’s relationship

Game of Thrones saw a massive opening with season 7 and it ended with an even bigger bang. After a season that brought such great shocks and plot twists, we can only wonder how much more epic the final season of the show will be.

While we wait for the filming of season 8 to begin so we can have more news to make predictions, actors of the show are giving us their views on the matter. Recently actor Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos Seaworth revealed to the Hollywood Reporter what he thinks about season 8 and how he felt about some of the big moments of season 7.

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About the end of season 7 and what possibly awaits in the next, Liam said, “The Great War has begun,” is what Jon Snow said. I think it’s absolutely right. I think the next season is where all of the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together. I think that’s what we had in this season, overall, the disparate places and people.”

“Eventually, the funnel has come to a point where everyone is together. It’s going to be interesting where it goes, because all of these people and families who don’t know each other are getting together to fight the common enemy. The dynamic is incredibly interesting.”

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When asked what he thinks about the White Walkers now having crossed the Wall, he said, “There was an inevitability about it, really. Ever since John Bradley [as Samwell Tarly] came across the White Walkers in that episode, with those extraordinary almost Celtic symbolism of the corpses of the horses and the people and all of that. When you look at that, you know it’s going to come up somewhere down the line.”

“It’s only taken us seven years to get to the point where they’re coming across to take on the Seven Kingdoms. So there was obviously an inevitability about it. That’s what’s so exciting about the show. How are they going to do it? How are they going to make it work? How are they going to make it look gorgeous? I think they’ve managed to do that.”

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Addressing the question of whether it was inevitable for the Wall to come down, he said, “I think it had to happen. We’re obviously very loosely based on the War of the Roses and Hadrian’s Wall, which separates England from Scotland, and the fact that the Romans as well were afraid to go above that wall because there were monsters out there — basically, the Scottish people. So I think in George [R.R. Martin’s] mind, I think there’s an obviously magnificent storytelling at work. Hadrian’s Wall never fell in reality, and I think he wanted it, dramatically, to fall in our beautiful story.”

He then talked about the relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen and how awkward it will be now that Jon has been officially proven to be a Targaryen himself. Liam laughed and said, “It’s a bit of a trip, isn’t it? It’s a bit of a weird one, when you wake up the following morning, if you got the text message: “Don’t go near that woman! She’s your aunt!” That would be very awkward if you’re lying on the pillow and having a look while she’s still asleep! Or vice versa! What if she gets the SMS? It’s kind of awkward! I would not want to be sitting at the breakfast table with the two of them when they both find out, let me put it to you that way.”

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About how things will go once everyone finds out about Jon’s legitimacy to the Iron Throne, he said, “On paper, the guy is legitimate. He’s the boss. He has the rights to be the king. Don’t forget, in episode six, which we saw last Sunday, he just bent the knee, even though he was in bed at the time. He has metaphorically said he’s bending the knee to his queen.”

“So that’s another awkward conversation that’s going to be had. Is he going to turn around to her and go, “So, about that knee that I bent…” That’s going to make things incredibly awkward, in the middle of a having a hundred thousand White Walkers and wights and the Night King coming through the Wall. I think the priority is going to be to save the place first, and work out the politics a bit later on.”

He was then asked about how Davos never got screen time with Littlefinger and Liam couldn’t work with Aidan Gillen. In answer, Liam said, “I know! Listen, I was always so jealous of those beautiful scenes of Varys (Conleth Hill) and Littlefinger, when they’re just strolling around the throne room, playing tennis with the beautiful words that the guys gave them.”


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Lastly, he spoke about what he feels season 8 will be like. “It’s going to be very weird. It’s going to be extraordinarily weird. What we’ve been doing, and what we’ve been saying — especially myself and Kit, since we spend a lot of time together, what with me being Jon Snow’s right-hand man — we’ve been preparing ourselves not at the beginning of this season, but for the last year, that this beautiful piece of gold that we were all handed is going to be taken back from us.

But we all realized going out, that there’s a sense that it’s absolutely right for this story to have a beginning, middle and end. Just because it’s very successful and because it’s loved and it’s making a lot of money, those aren’t reasons to drag it out. Keeping up the level of quality on this takes an incredible amount of work. David and Dan have been working on this for 12 years. The energy and the amount of brain power and man power required to get this thing as good as it is is extraordinary.

We’ve all had the opportunity to show whatever levels of talent that we have, which we may not have had in previous jobs that we did. For us to have this beautiful showcase, and to be a part of this story — this undeniable cultural phenomenon — it’s an extraordinary gift. It’s one of the proudest things I have on my résumé. I will smile about this job until the end of my days.”


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