Firefighter tragically killed battling raging napa wildfires, bad news – Breaking Daily News

Firefighter tragically killed battling raging napa wildfires, bad news

A contract firefighter was killed battling the blaze in Napa County this morning when he lost control of his rig as he traveled downhill for a refill of water, authorities said.

The still unnamed firefighter, one of thousands working with the multi-agency, multi-state team that rushed in eight days ago to quell the wildfires in the North Bay of California, was a contract fire tender driver with Cal Fire.

The California Highway Patrol, which is investigating the fatal crash, said the tender was empty and the driver was heading downhill at 7 a.m. for a refill, when it rolled over and crashed near Highway 29.

It was unclear when the driver started his shift.

Authorities say at least 40 people have died as a result of the fires – most of which are now contained — and around 5,700 homes and other structures were destroyed. Hundreds of people are still unaccounted for, though authorities said many are probably safe and haven’t let anyone know.

Source News : CNN, USATODAY
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