Firefighter tragically killed battling raging napa wildfires, bad news – Breaking Daily News

Five climate truths donald trump doesn’t understand, what is it ? – Breaking Daily News

“Trump Digs Coal” read the signs during the campaign, and Donald Trump promised he would be “an unbelievable positive” for the miners. Now he’s trying to deliver by repealing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and proposing to subsidize coal-fired power plants. These moves are, in fact, unbelievable: Not only are they a setback in the fight against climate change, but they also make no economic sense, since the cost of renewable energy is falling sharply.

1.Trump can’t save coal.
He only claims he can.
On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency published its proposal to undo the Clean Power Plan without putting anything in its place. The plan was one of the most important parts of former President Barack Obama’s commitment under the Paris climate agreement to cut United States greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. The plan was meant to accelerate emission reductions in the power sector.

Earlier, Mr. Trump’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to come up with rules that would require businesses, consumers and anybody else who uses the electricity grid to pay coal-fired plants to be ready to supply power whether that energy was needed or not. He claims such payments will make the grid more “resilient” — many experts doubt that.

Taken together, these proposals are a brazen attempt to promote one source of energy over others — a criticism that conservatives often lobbed at Mr. Obama for his attempts to do something about climate change. In fact, tied up in court, the Clean Power Plan has not even gone into effect.


Source News : CNN, USATODAY
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Firefighter tragically killed battling raging napa wildfires, bad news – Breaking Daily News

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