Game of Thrones 1

Please Leave me a like if you enjoy the show and Sub if you want to come back again.

During the day from 10a to 8p central I play from work, so there is a chance I might be away for a few moments.

Streaming Schedule in CST (Subject to change)

Every Morning- Coffee time, will be listed as (game) and coffee. These will start no later than 7am, and run as long as I’m trying to wake up. Please note: Monday might be earlier or later start time.

Thursday no streaming this week

Even days
7a 7 Days to die
Daytime Cities Skylines
9p 7 days to die

Odd Days
7a 7 Days to die
Daytime Prison Sim
9p Ghost Recon

Tips: https://streamtip.com/y/cheswolf
Join us on discord htts://discord.gg/HRvnbpp

Chat and games are PG13, Underage viewing and those easily offended should probably go watch cat videos instead. CHAT RULES: No religion, No politics, No spoilers, No advertising and dont be annoying.

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