Game of Thrones director Jeremy Podeswa says he won’t return for the final season

Game of Thrones has had a lot of mind-blowing episodes and a big part of credit for them goes to the directors who brought the scripts to life. Especially in season 7, since almost every episode has been so epic, it’s important to note that the directors worked really hard to create something spectacular for us.

One of these directors was Jeremy Podeswa, the mastermind behind the premiere episode ‘Dragonstone’ and the season finale ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’. Jeremy has also directed episodes previously, the notable ones being in season 5 titled ‘Kill the boy’, and season 6 titled ‘Home’.

But after the amazing episodes of season 7, it looks like Jeremy won’t be returning for the final season of Game of Thrones, as per what he’s told to he told CBC News Toronto during an interview. He also revealed that the response to season 7 has been particularly overwhelming. “Even though I’ve done this show four times before the ones I did this season, it feels like the response has been so ridiculously extravagant it’s unlike anything I’ve every done really,” he said.

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Although Jeremy could have easily found out what happens in the end and who sits on the Iron throne, he says he chose not to, but made predictions of his own. “Any of [the characters] could be amazing on the Iron Throne. I think the story could end in so many different ways that would be satisfying to an audience…I’m excited to see the last season and find out that way.”

Jeremy has given us some epic Game of Thrones episodes and it’s obviously sad that he won’t be returning for season 8, but since there are many other directors who’ve created brilliant episodes, we do look forward to finding out what awaits us in the final season of the show. Which of the Game of Thrones directors do you think did an awesome job on the show? Tell us in the comments below!


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