Game of Thrones Season 8 will have an insane budget for each episode!

Game of Thrones is a massive spectacle at this point, being one of the most popular shows on the planet. There is no doubt it makes HBO a lot of money, and there’s no doubt they spend a lot of cash making it as well, but exactly how much? The figures for Season 8 have just been revealed. Read on!

When the show began, it spent around $6 million per episode. Season 2 saw the budget being raised to $7 million per episode, with “Blackwater” getting a budget of $8 million. Fast forward to Season 6, every episode had a budget of $10 million. Now, a new report by Variety which talks about the increasing costs of producing for TV, and it says that Game of Thrones Season 8 will have a budget of a whopping $15 million per episode. It’s higher than other series like Netflix’s The Crown, which takes $10 million per episode, and $8 million per episode for Stranger Things Season 2. Shows how big Game of Thrones has become.

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However in terms of the total budget for the season, Season 8 will still round up to $90 million, as opposed to the $100 million of Season 6. Season 8 episodes will be longer, and we’re expecting them to be around 90 minutes in length. If that is the case, it’ll mean that if we’re talking by the minute, the budget will remain the same. It’s still a giant pile of money.

Filming on Season 8 is set to begin in October. Excited? We sure are! Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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