Game of Thrones | Should’ve Walked Away

**************SPOILER FOR S1 – S7 *******************

Well, it has been like a year since I have uploaded? And look at what I uploaded…..This isn’t AU. This isn’t the type of show I usually vid. This isn’t my style. But hey, here I am, trying something new.
This year has been so stressfull and filled with new memories and emotions that I almost forgot about viding. But it will always be a part of my life so I hope you enjoy this little creation.

I fell in love with Game of Thrones.
The scenery.
The costumes.
The characters.

I absolutely love the quality of production and I am very surprised I have not gotten obsessed with it sooner. I think that my and my boyfriend finished 7 seasons in a month? Anyway, I am patiently *impatiently* waiting for season 8 so I can vid more.

AU with Daenerys, Sansa and …….?? Let me know down below 😉

Fandom: GOT
Coloring: mine

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