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Game of Thrones spin off news. Bryan Cogman has been announced as writing the 5th prequel idea and we think it’s the Dance of the Dragons.
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The Game of Thrones spin off is still a few years away, but we know that HBO has five different GoT prequel ideas in production. The final writer has been announced as Bryan Cogman, a co-executive producer on the series Game of Thrones, and who George RR Martin calls the keeper of the lore.
George RR Martin will be working closely with Bryan Cogman to put this GoT spin off together, and we know he will be drawing from the stories from both A Song of Ice and Fire and A World of Ice and Fire. GRRM says that Cogman will be working on a spin off that deals with and interesting time in Westeros, and we expect it will draw from the history of the Targaryens. HBO has announced that none of the current Game of Thrones characters will be included in the prequel series, and we know that George RR Marting is releasing his Fire and Blood Targaryen history volume before he will release the Winds of Winter.
When Game of Thrones fans add all this up it makes it seem like George RR Martin and Bryan Cogman could be working on a spin off based on the Targaryen Civil War known as the Dance of the Dragons. We can’t say for sure what five stories HBO will produce, or how many Game of Thrones spin offs will actually get made, but we are excited to see what they come up with.
What do you think the most likely Game of Thrones spin off series will be? Are you excited about a Game of Thrones prequel? If GRRM is correct we could see the new Game of Thrones show in 2019, right after GoT season 8 concludes the main series.
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