Game of Thrones to return to Iceland for Season 8 filming!

Game of Thrones Season 8 is currently filming, and reports have been spotting the actors and activity in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the production carries out a sizeable chunk of the filming at the Titanic Studios. Now, since the filming for Season 8 is currently in the earlier stages, so we haven’t heard about filming at other locations yet, but we now have an update. It seems Game of Thrones will return to Iceland for some of the Season 8 filming! Read on!

Game of Thrones has used Iceland as a filming location multiple times before. Most of the icy footage has been from there, like back in Season 2 when Jon Snow gets captured by the Wildlings, in Season 3 when Jon and Ygritte go towards the Wall, and the popular Beyond the Wall scenes from Season 7. In a new report now from Icelandic news portal Vísir, the production will be back in Iceland for Season 8 filming.

The report says that the production will be in Iceland for a few days in February, which is around the coldest time of the year in Iceland. Looks like we’re gonna be getting some amazing icy scenes. Winter is here, after all.

New photos released from the upcoming Game Of Thrones episode, "Beyond the Wall" - 706-Beyond-Jon-Tormund-Gendry-Jorah-Thoros-2-768x512

Details about what exactly will be shot there are unknown, since HBO is being extra careful this year to avoid the leaks from hitting the numbers that they did last year. However we can predict safely that the locations will probably stand in for icy, outdoor scenes, likely to be isolated ones.

HBO apparently hasn’t settled on which exact locations to use this year, and the report says that the choice will be based on the “snow laws,” which we assume means that they will pick the locales based on the weather.

More on this as it develops. Excited for Season 8? We sure are! Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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