Hank’s final showdown with the Cousins(Breaking Bad-One minute)

Hank is in his SUV in a shopping center parking lot after getting flowers and a gift for his wife. As he’s about to leave, he gets a phone call and an electronically disguised voice tells Hank that he has one minute to leave before two men show up to kill him. Panicking, Hank dials Steven Gomez, believing him the prank caller, while he scans the parking lot. He goes for his gun, then remembers it’s been confiscated. He scans the clock on the dashboard, one minute passes, and just as he relaxes he spots Leonel, who shoots out the rear window and puts a bullet in Hank’s arm as Hank throws his car into reverse and pins Leonel against another car, which Hank then slams into another car. Marco, striding toward Hank’s driver’s-side window, fires multiple shots and hits Hank in the side as Hank grabs Leonel’s gun (which he had dropped into Hank’s car through the smashed window as he got pinned between the cars) and dives out of the car. Marco shifts Hank’s car into drive, releasing Leonel who falls to the ground. A badly wounded Leonel tells his brother, “Finish him!”

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