HBO and Columbia Records working on a Game of Thrones inspired music album

Game of Thrones has been a successful show, and a lot of that is because of how well it comes together. The music on the show is an important part of that, and we have loved it throughout the existence of the show. Now, as Season 8 is set to grace us, HBO has decided to push the show’s musical frontier even further, and has teamed up with Columbia Records to release a Game of Thrones inspired music album. Read on!

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Now, the soundtrack of the show comes out as an album every year, available to stream and buy on online platforms like iTunes. However, this is something different. You all might remember this mixtape project by HBO, called Catch the Throne, which arrived in two volumes, and featured rap and hip-hop music inspired by Game of Thrones. Since the press release for this new project also uses the word “inspired”, we inspect something similar, but with more genres included this time, as the release suggests:

“The soundtrack will feature songs inspired by the hit series and will showcase artists from diverse musical genres.”

HBO says it will arrive with Season 8, in 2019, which means there’s also a good chance it will be the main soundtrack, with well known artists collaborating with music composer Ramin Djawadi, to have some original songs scoring the season.

In any case, we need to wait for some details to know what exactly this will be, and if it involves major artists, we expect details to come out pretty soon. What do you guys think? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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