How To Lose Your Life’s Savings w Cryptocurrency

Carlos from bitconnect shares his expert bitcoin trading advice

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How to Invest in Stocks and Make Money in USA, How to trade stocks and options? Is there any cheap online stock brokers/websites?
Answer: Best app Robinhood trade stock for 0$
Other websites for online trading:

Tradeking ($4.95 per trade)
Zecco ($4.50 per trade)
OptionsHosue ($2.95)
Scottrade ($7 per trade)

More about RobinHood app:

Interested in stocks? [Robinhood] [https://robinhood.com/referral/dineshp/] lets you trade for free

Ditching the traditional fee structure used by the vast majority of brokerages, [Robinhood] [https://robinhood.com/referral/dineshp/] for the iPhone lets investors purchase and sell stocks without having to pay a fee on each trade. This has created a new way for smaller investors with limited funds purchase stock quantities as small as one share without spending at least $8 on a trading fee.

The creators of the application make money on the interest collected on funds deposited for trading as well as interest when a user buys in margin. However, users aren’t required to maintain a minimum balance and can easily deposit earnings in their bank account at any time.

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for watching, hope you learned a lot and are making loads of guac.

    If you would like to rep ya naysh, head on over to and pick up your WADDUP HILA KLEINERS T! gosh bless

  2. I find it funny how I’m watching this video and all the ads are about “Bunny Token”, the new ciptocurrency of the adult industry ~_~


  4. im just sitting here watching thi9s video and fucking crypto money ads are fuciking flying at me its so ironic ffs

  5. (I’m a 13 year old) my advice is totally legitimate, I’m totally not confused about what I’m talking about. My thinking is totally not clouded by memes and puberty. I’m totally not trolling you. Hehe…hehhe
    Not all 13 year old act dumb. All the time. Many of them act dumb most of the time, but there are some time so when they don’t. But when they give you advice you need to think about it because it’s probably going to have a flaw. Some 13 year old are smart, but most of the time they act dumb. Stephan Hawkins and Einstein(spelling) were 13 year olds at one time. They became smart. 13 year old aren’t smart yet, but at least a good chunk of them will become smart. Probably

  6. Can someone please explain the point of cryptocurrency to me? Like when proponent things with Bitcoin instead of real money? It’s been so long and I’m still u sure about the purpose of it

  7. Yep, the pre-roll ad was for some horseshit called Bunny Tokens. Thanks for proving the point, Youtube. 🙂


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