Kit Harington discusses Gunpowder and Hollywood’s sexual harassment problem

Game of Thrones is a show with tonnes of stars, and over the years, most of them have carved their own mark on the industry. One of them is Kit Harington, who might as well be called the lead actor on the show, playing Jon Snow. As some of you might know, Kit recently starred in Gunpowder, a show he co-produced as well. He recently spoke about the show, Hollywood and sexual harassment, and more, in an interview with the New York Times. Read on!

Kit said he knew his first attempt at a show of his own would be quite different from Game of Thrones :

“I walked onto the set on ‘Gunpowder,’ going, ‘What do you mean we don’t have 200 extras?’ Nothing competes with ‘Thrones.’ I knew that going in.”

Kit Harington discusses Gunpowder and Hollywood's sexual harassment problem

Kit plays the role of Robert Catesby, one of the people behind the Gunpowder plot, who shares some traits with Jon Snow, as Kit pointed out :

“They’re both quite introverted in some ways, and they’re both very serious about what they believe. They both hold their morals, and their moral compass and their code of honor, very close to their chest. But they’re entirely opposite in what they set out to achieve. Jon Snow’s all about protecting lives and saving lives and doing everything he can to avoid violence in many ways. Catesby’s the opposite: He wants to see death and destruction.”

Lastly, Kit also spoke about the sexual harassment problem that has been slowly imploding within Hollywood, and how it exists elsewhere, as well :

“Yeah, the Weinstein scandal kicked it off over the pond as well. Kevin Spacey was the head of the Old Vic for many years — we’re discovering the allegations made against him. Within British theater, there’s been a problem for many years. This is something that has been going on forever, and not just in the States. It’s everywhere.

It’s upsetting and disturbing, but it’s not shocking. I think most actors hear stories, and people in the industry hear stories. It’s just very hard for people to come out and talk about it. But the doors have been blown open a bit, and we can only be thankful for that.”

Have you checked out Gunpowder yet? What do you think about it? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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