Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to share scenes with cast member for the first time in Season 8 & Liam Cunningham on the end of filming

7x07 King's Landing Jaime

In new interviews, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau addressed Jaime’s journey, as well as a certain character with whom he’ll share scenes in season eight; and Liam Cunningham speaks about the upcoming end of production and how we’ll know he’s finished filming.

The Danish kongemorder recently attended Colombia’s first Comic Con, which took place in Bogotá this last weekend, and WRadio was there to ask him about Jaime’s evolution from the man who could defenestrate a child with a clever line to the man in the latest finale who decides to keep his oath, even if it means losing Cersei for good:

“I believe it’s all connected,” Nikolaj says. “Essentially, when he says ‘the things I do for love’—that’s also one of the reasons he leaves in the end. He tells Cersei, once he knows she’s pregnant: ‘Hey, if we don’t defeat the menace to the North, we’ll all day and there won’t be any future—for you, for the child, or for anyone else.’ So he’s still guided by that principle. And he’s a man of his word. He swore to ride North.”

“In my mind,” he continues, “the character’s development has turned more into what his father told him in the first season: ‘I want you to become the man you were meant to be’. I believe he’s getting to that point, he’s getting closer to being that person.”

Later in the interview, Coster-Waldau reveals, perhaps unknowingly, that in season eight he’ll have a new scene partner with whom his character has never interacted before:

“I’ve really loved working with Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth. We’ve worked together and now we get along very well. Saying more would be a spoiler.”

Technically, Liam Cunningham and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have shared a scene before: the Lannister-Stark-Targaryen summit at the Dragonpit in “The Dragon and the Wolf.” But they never truly interacted, while in the case of season eight Nikolaj makes it sound like he was a frequent scene partner to Cunningham, which would mean Jaime and Davos will share many scenes together. Both of them have been known to be paired up with a number of characters for comedic effect, so seeing them together will be curious.

Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth in "The Dragon and the Wolf"

Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth in “The Dragon and the Wolf”

While on the subject of a certain Irish actor, the Independent just interviewed Liam Cunningham at this year’s Taste Of Dublin, “Ireland’s Premier Food and Drink Festival”, which he never could attend before because of his conflicting shooting schedule. As he was there today, does that mean the Onion Knight is done shooting? Not quite:

“At this time, we’re very, very close to finishing the entire thing, but you’re not gonna see it until next year sometime, and I don’t even think they have a release date yet—they don’t have to.” But what about him? Does he have scenes yet to shoot? Apparently yes, and there’ll be a giveaway: “I’m very close to getting rid of the beard. Thank God!”

You read that right: if we spot a freshly shaven Cunningham, that means Davos is done with season eight—and Game of Thrones. I’m afraid it’s time for Hair Watch 2018, except this time with Liam Cunningham’s lush beard instead of Kit Harington’s luxurious locks!

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