Punisher Trailer, 5 Prequels For Game Of Thrones – The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Recorded Thursday September 21st 2017) John talks about the following:

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New Punisher trailer

FIFTH Game Of Thrones Prequel project in the works

WATCHMEN gets pilot order from HBO


Patreon Supporter Dennis Fox – I was wondering if you already had a chance to watch the Zack Snyder short “Snow Steam Iron”. I’m happy to see him back and his work is visually amazing as usual, but instead for some it seems to have revived the old controversy about violence against women in his movies. What are your thoughts on him returning and on the way he did?

Jack – Hey john huge fan since the AMC days, my question is this, and I’m honestly surprised that no one seems to be talking about it. because Disney has announced that they will be launching their own streaming service in 2019 and that all Disney/Pixar/marvel etc MOVIES will be removed fom Netflix, wht will happen to the netlix shows, i.e daredevil, the defenders and the soon to air punisher. thanks and bring on the filthy.

Jack Spittal – With the overall ‘meh’ reaction to Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle do you think it will gain a sequel I personally hope it will, but what do you think?

Bobby Mitchell – ‘ve been a big fan since the red and blue curtain days. War for the Planet of the Apes, which I loved, has only made $146 million domestically and could have been considered a bomb; however, it just opened in China to the tune of $62.3 million. My question is, by the end of its total box office run, will War for the Planet of the Apes be considered a box office success for Fox?

What do you think?

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