secret sugar lab breaking bad peanut cooking drugs

Provided by Candy City police service, the following video footage shows Peanut cooking high purity sugar inside a secret underground lab. He burned candies to make sugar. In this video it showed that his first experiment failed. Please share these videos to your family and friends so everyone has a better understand of the damage sugar can cause.
Sugar is the new gold; sugar is the new heroin. Every nut wants sugar. As the price of sugar keeps increasing world widely, there are more and more sugar-related crimes. Sugar is now the new danger. Peanut made a fortune by selling weapons in the Mad Nuts War but he has no sugar. Peanut wanted pure sugar so much.
Peanut successfully built a secret sugar lab in Candy City. He used his money to buy chemicals and lab equipment for his sugar extraction experiments which required rapid oxidation. He bought organic solvents, acids, and even liquid nitrogen for his illegal activities.
Peanut believed that he could extract sugar from candies although using living candy to make sugar is classified as a felony in Candy City. Peanut kidnapped some young candies. He duct-taped their mouths so no one can hear them. In his plans, a candy must be burned alive before sugar could be extracted from the body.
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Pindakaas brandt een snoep
L’arachide brûle un bonbon
Erdnuss brennt eine Süßigkeit
Арахис горит конфету
El cacahuete quema un caramelo

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