“Spoils of War” Game of Thrones Review

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Game of thrones season seven spoils of war recap and review
i personally loved the episode it has been a long wait for this season as i upload this review i do understand the season has finished of the got but i wanted to keep making videos and this year my hope is to continue to recap and go into the characters themselves.

The white walkers are are threat still and crazy mad queen cersei(lena headey) has not been dethroned just yet which is no surprise. Though i dont like her character the acter herself is a great actress.

Tyrion lost this battle to his brother and even the dothraki knew that the westeros people are a not threat to them they are a fierce bunch of people this week i will talk about the dothraki and the unsullied a bit more i am also glad grey worm did not die.

Brienne of Tarth and Arrya spar it was a bit over the top but hey this is Westeros why wouldn’t

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