“Think big and multiply it by a billion” says Game of Thrones armorer Natalia Lee about Season 8

Game of Thrones has been filming for Season 8 for a while now, and we have gotten quite a few cast interviews teasing the end. However, today we have one from a crew member. In a recent interview with Metro, Game of Thrones armorer Natalia Lee teased Season 8. Read on!

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Natalia was very careful about speaking about Game of Thrones Season 8. She revealed why:

“I am really convinced that there is a branch of Homeland Security that is in charge of ‘Game Of Thrones’ leaks. I have no idea how they do it. It is crazy how they stop anything from being leaked in this day and age.”

She however continued speaking and give us a little teaser for Season 8:

“All I can say is think big and multiply it by a billion.”

Moving on, she talked about how she felt about the show ending:

“It has been a huge journey. For a lot of us it has been the end. You have to look at it as we are happy to move forward and do other things and be challenged.

But it is sad. We are like a family. I have shot on glaciers in the middle of Iceland to deserts in Spain and Morocco, and on fortress walls. For me it was a masterclass of filmmaking. It is the best of the best. The hardest thing is that we have set a benchmark, and we are not going to top anything like this again in our careers.”

She revealed that despite the fact that Season 8 is taking quite long to film, the schedules of the crew haven’t changed as such:

“It feels like the same. We have a rhythm and a pattern when we pack up. For me, for my job, I can be there all year. I might just have a month or two break. So it is quite long. A lot of us go all the way through, because we maintain workshops and then start prepping.

It still took on the same length of time for us. Might just be editing and with CGI or something else like that that has taken longer. Realistically we still have a routine and worked all the way through.”

She ended the interview with a little tease:

“We know the storylines now. It is survival of the fittest. There’s only a few left standing. Anyone and everyone can die.”

What do you think about this? Excited for Season 8? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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