Tom Wlaschiha on whether Jaqen H’ghar will return in Game of Thrones Season 8 and more

Jaqen H’ghar is one of the most mysterious characters on Game of Thrones, and we have sen him play a role in the big story, but we have never quite been able to figure out what the character’s origins and motivations are. Now, we saw him last in Season 6, and he didn’t appear in Season 7. As the story winds up next season, there is one question about this character : will he be back in Season 8Tom Wlaschiha, who plays the role of Jaqen on the show, recently talked about this and more in an interview with The Straights Times. Read on!

So, will he be in Season 8? Tom had a great answer :

“A man knows nothing. That’s my standard answer to (avoid giving away spoilers).”

He then proceeded to discuss fan reactions to his character over the seasons :

“I found it very interesting that at the end of Season 2 when my face changed, I got a lot of reactions from fans saying, ‘We want you to come back! We want you to teach Arya!’”

Tom Wlaschiha explains why Jaqen H’ghar let Arya leave Braavos

“Then when I came back in Season 5 and I was beating her with the stick, the same fans said to me, ‘How dare you? I hate you! I wish you’d never come back!’ It’s rough methods at the House of Black and White, because in the end it was successful no? In the end, she went back to Westeros and she’s quite an important player in the big endgame.”

So, who does he think will win the Game of Thrones? He has a rather confusing answer :

“My personal theory is that no one will sit on the iron throne.”

We don’t know if he means no one in the normal context, or in Jaqen’s context. Either way, interesting theory! What do you think? Will we see Jaqen back in Season 8? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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