What is Bitcoin Mining?

For more information: and

What is Bitcoin Mining? Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin is generated? This short video is an animated introduction to Bitcoin Mining.

Voice – Chris Rice (www.ricevoice.com)
Motion Graphics – Fabian Rühle (www.fabianruehle.de)
Music/Sound Design – Christian Barth (www.akkord-arbeiter.de)
Andrew Mottl (www.andrewmottl.com)

How to Invest in Stocks and Make Money in USA, How to trade stocks and options? Is there any cheap online stock brokers/websites?
Answer: Best app Robinhood trade stock for 0$
Other websites for online trading:

Tradeking ($4.95 per trade)
Zecco ($4.50 per trade)
OptionsHosue ($2.95)
Scottrade ($7 per trade)

More about RobinHood app:

Interested in stocks? [Robinhood] [https://robinhood.com/referral/dineshp/] lets you trade for free

Ditching the traditional fee structure used by the vast majority of brokerages, [Robinhood] [https://robinhood.com/referral/dineshp/] for the iPhone lets investors purchase and sell stocks without having to pay a fee on each trade. This has created a new way for smaller investors with limited funds purchase stock quantities as small as one share without spending at least $8 on a trading fee.

The creators of the application make money on the interest collected on funds deposited for trading as well as interest when a user buys in margin. However, users aren’t required to maintain a minimum balance and can easily deposit earnings in their bank account at any time.

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