15 Times Librarians Had The Best Sense Of Humor

There’s a lot more that goes into being a librarian than checking out books and telling people to be quiet. Depending on the size and specialty of a library, a librarian’s job can includes several tasks that you might not think about. It’s a massively complicated job, because you have to acquire, classify, organize, and maintain thousands upon thousands of books. A librarian is often required to provide information to the general public–basically, human Google. Now that we live in the information age, a librarian needs familiarity with various sophisticated computer systems. And that’s just the beginning.

Being a librarian is really like having several jobs in one. So it might be a bit surprising to learn that librarians are also some of the most creative and funny people around. Here are 15 librarians making the library even more delightful than it already is. (via Bored Panda).


1. They’re masters of wordplay.

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Honestly, this whole article could just be library puns.

Photo Credit: padair720

3. Fear the Book Reaper.

Photo Credit: Imgur

“Every year my school’s librarian dresses up as a ‘book reaper’ to collect overdue books.”

4. Reading is the best medicine.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Being funny and promoting literacy? Score.

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. You’d think the library is a chill place. And you’d be wrong.

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Ever help someone find a book when they have no idea what it’s about? That’s being a librarian.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Don’t get on a librarian’s bad side.

Photo Credit: Reddit

“My local library is taking people’s mugshot.”

9. This librarian is the hero the library deserves AND the hero it needs.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Note: that’s mostly true about Batman, unless the book was published by Penguin.

10. Sir Reads-A-Lot

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. Nice save.

Photo Credit: Imgur

12. Keep an eye on your property, or you might get roasted.

Photo Credit: Imgur

13. Welcome to the library. Did you me some bamboo?

Photo Credit: Reddit

The story: “Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library.”

14. Pure magic.

Photo Credit: Imgur

“My wife is a high school librarian and one of her students lost a turtle in the library earlier in the week. Today he was found…She swears this picture wasn’t staged.”

15. And hey, it’s not just librarians. Bookstore employees can be plenty funny too.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda



h/t: Bored Panda

h/t: Awkward

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