Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Online 5th Week Elimination: Nine contestants are in eliminations for this week

The nomination process for the fifth week of Bigg Boss season has been very hot. This week, however, a total of nine contestants were nominated. In the second week, nine people were nominated. It is known that Karate Kalyani was eliminated from them.

The contestants, who had been hiding their anger and anger in the minds of the nominees till then, were asked to state the reasons for nominating each of the two candidates. Who will be nominated in the fifth week nominations?

  • Akhil- Abhijit, Rajasekhar
  • Ariana Glory – Rajasekhar Master, Akhil‌
  • Aulasya – Divi, Noel
  • Avinash – Akhil, Monal
  • Sujata – Akhil, Ariana
  • Sumar Sai – Sujatha, Noel
  • Sohail – Abhijit, Noel
  • Mehboob – Sujatha, Lasy
  • Gangavva – Noel, Abhijit
  • Rajashekar – Abhijit, Ariana
  • Jharika – Monal, Akhil
  • Divi – Lasya, Sohail
  • Monal – Harika, Avinash
  • Abhijit – Sohail, Akhil
  • Noel – Rajasekhar, Sohail

Akhil, Abhijit, Noel, Sohail, Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha and Ariana were nominated by most of the people in the house. But which of these nine is in the Danger Zone? When it comes to who can be eliminated.

Sujata has a 99% chance of being eliminated in the fifth week. If it is a double elimination, Rajasekhar Master can also bag the bag. Monal, Ariana and Sohail are also in the danger zone. With the exception of Sujata, Rajasekhar, Monal and Sohail Ariana, Akhil, Abhijit, Lasya and Noel might get saved in the fifth week.

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