Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination Today: Mehboob or Swathi Deekshit to be eliminated directly tonight

Bigg Boss Telugu is on the fourth weekend and there will be a direct elimination tonight instead of saving contestants on Saturday and eliminating on Sunday. Bigg Boss started the game with a total of 16 contestants. Three (Kumar Sai, Avinash, Swathi Deekshit) entered through wild card. However, director Suryakiran was eliminated in the first week, Karate Kalyani in the second week, Devi Nagavalli in the third week were eliminated one by one. A total of three were out but another three were in.

However, the crucial fourth week nominations include Kumar Sai, Mehboob, Sohail, Abhijit, Harika, Swati Dixit and Lasya. One of whom is about to be eliminated. Negotiations are also underway that there is going to be a double elimination twist. But which of these seven is going to be eliminated .. Who will be safe? Who is at risk?

The question ‘Who do you think will be eliminated in the fourth week of Bigg Boss 4?’ Has received a good response from netizens. But Mehboob, who escaped elimination last week, is in the danger zone. 40 per cent voters voted for Mehboob to be eliminated. Kumar Sai came next with 24 per cent votes. Sohail came in third with 11 per cent votes. Dettadi Harika came in fourth with 9 per cent votes. Swati Dixit and Lasya came in fifth with 6 per cent votes. Abhiki got only 6 per cent votes. While Abhi, Lasya and Swati Dixit are in the safe zone, the chances of Mohaboob being eliminated are high in this poll as well as in other social media polls but the story here seems to be different.

In fact, in the third week, all the polls showed that Mehboob, who was nominated, would be eliminated. But exceptionally God eliminates and shocks Big Boss. However, in the fourth week, he came to the Danger Zone after being re-nominated by Dettadi Harika Pagabatti Mehboob. Despite the result that Mehboob will be eliminated in the polls, it seems that Bigg Boss is going to give a twist this week as well as last week.

Mehboob has got a lot of screen space for days this week. He was well focused. On Friday’s episode, he started teaching dance to all the members of the house as part of the Morning Masti. The Sohail-Abhijit combination is highlighted. If you look at the Bigg Boss show .. giving screen space means highlighting them .. calculating that screen space is being given as part of getting votes. According to this calculation, Swati Dixit, who came through the wild card entry, has seen very little this week. Api appeared two or three times with the pulihora chatter that connects Abhi .. and did not highlight her unless she appeared once in the morning masti .. did not focus.

Seven of the seven nominees are currently in the Danger Zone. The rest of the fans are running the love track anyway so let them have full entertainment. And Bigg Boss wants a controversial person like Sohail who looks aggressive saying ‘the story is different’ .. so there is no chance of eliminating him. The voting percentage for Lasya is high. Mehboob is also giving Bigg Boss the content he needs. He is putting effort into the physical task. Swati Dixit, who came through Etochee Wild Card, did not get a screen space. According to the poll results, Mehboob should be eliminated.

The sympathy votes for Kumar Sai are working well and the audience is showing sympathy and saving him even though all the members of the house are nominating him in a row. However, Kumar Sai, who got the captain’s band, got an exemption from nominations next week. There are no instances in Telugu Bigg Boss where those who are the captains of the house have been eliminated. With Kumar Sai being exempted from nominations over the next week, his chances of remaining in the House are high. So .. this week also Mehboob in the Danger Zone might be saved, will it be Swathi who will pack her bags and go home? We will have to wait and watch.

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