Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Contestant Shivani Narayanan Makes a Bold Point Before Her Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Entry!

The Ever gorgeous Shivani Narayanan is a growing Tamil television soap opera actress, She hit the limelight for her performance in a TV serial “Pagal Nilavu” for her role ‘Sneha’. However, She gained immense popularity through her social media platform. According to the reports, She is one of the confirmed contestants to participate in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. Despite having over a million followers on instagram, contesting in the show will surely help her grow in her career in a profound way.

However, Shivani Narayanan is very active in the social media platform. She entertains her followers with her dance performances. The rumors have been spreading that she gained the popularity through her exposing photoshoots. There are thousands of hate comments body shaming her. Every day, She blooms to be a stronger woman overcoming the hate comments and not giving up what she loves.

Shivani Narayanan’s Comeback to her Haters:

This time, She decided that she had had enough of these hate comments. The time has come for her to stand up for herself. A day ago, She posted a picture stating her views against her haters and the trollers. She states,

“This post is To all those creeps who are posting 3rd rate comments on my comment section as well to some troll pages on YouTube who earn money and live out of making cheap contents on others .. And the very pity part about that is to hear a female voice over for such cheap trolls , don’t you feel ashamed ? I have the right to decide my outfits..
What to wear and what not to .. And to those who comment bad about my brought up and family — “my parents have brought me up so well in the way I have the liberty to make choices of my own”..The pics I post , the way I dance or I sing it’s all purely out of my interest not in the intention to impress anyone and there’s no need for me to do such and body shaming me in comparison my with age will never hurt me and don’t try , “coz you gonna fail” ..finally it’s none of your business …And I will not turn off my comment section for the sake of you creeps while there are thousands of good hearts to comment ..I will pray almighty for you mind sick creeps to grow up …”

Anyhow, The post created a great anticipation among the audience. She made a huge positive impact on her followers and received a great amount of supporting comments too. However, It was really bold of her to stand up for herself. She made a huge point against the filthy minds. She clearly stated that it was her interest to dance and sing and not to grab attention. Accusing someone of something that they never intended to and body shaming them is something that nobody can tolerate. She voiced out for the right thing which led her to a much higher place. Share your thoughts about Shivani’s confession in the comment section below.

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