Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Vote: How to Vote Online in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, Missed Call Numbers!

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil has started with a bang. The host, The pride of Tamil cinema Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan is at his best attire. The sixteen contestants have made their entry into the house with so much doubt anxiety and a tad confidence at the same time. The voting will be done every week for the nominated contestants for elimination. The voting process and procedure is given below.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Voting process:

  1. Vote Though google:

Step 1: search for Bigg Boss 4 Tamil vote in google

Step 2: click on your favorite contestant.

Step 3: Choose the number of votes you’d like to give, Max of 10 votes.

Step 4: click submit. Your vote has been casted successfully.

  1. Vote through Missed call:

You can give a missed call to cast your vote for your favorite contestant. The phone number are given as follows:

Shivani Narayanan 8367796803
Ramya Pandian 8367796805
Jithan Ramesh 8367796810
Rekha 8367796806
Gabriella Charlton 8367796804
Aajeedh Khalique 8367796801
Balaji Murugadoss 8367796812
 Rio Raj 8367796815
 Suresh Chakravarthi 8367796802
Sanam Shetty 8367796813
Samyuktha Shanmughanathan 8367796807
Aranthangi Nisha 8367796814
Aari Arjuna 8367796811


      Step 1: Open the dialing app on your phone.

      Step 2: Dial the number allotted for the contestant you desire to save.

      Step 3: Give a missed call to that number.

      Step 4:  your vote will be counted for that particular contestant.


  1. Vote Through Hotstar app


Step 1: open the hotstar app. If you do not have the app, Download from the google play store for free

Step 2: go to the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil page

Step 3: you find the option to vote. Select Vote now.

Step 4: choose your favorite contestant to cast your vote. Maximum of 10 votes per day is possible

Step 5: select vote option, Your vote will be casted successfully.


Since it is the very first week, Kamal Hassan stated that there is no elimination as of the first week. This period is for the contestants to mingle and get to know each other. However, The elimination starts from Week 2. Follow Gizmosheets for more updates on Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. Comment your favorite contestant below in the comment section.


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