Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting 2nd October 2020: End of the Road for Mehaboob, Abhijeet is the Most Popular Contestant of Week 4!

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is all set for a cliffhanger weekend. The fourth elimination of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu will take place this week and the suspense beckons. Seven contestants were nominated for elimination this week. However, the fight against elimination was between the wildcard contestant, Swathi, Kumar Sai and Mehaboob.

There was no major shift in the voting results for the 4th week elimination. However, Kumar Sai rose up to the occasion and became the captain of the BB house for week 4. Hence, Kumar Sai was safe from elimination for the fourth week.The fight for elimination boiled down to Mehaboob and Swathi. While major media reports suggested Swathi’s exit from BB 4 Telugu, the results came in her favor.

Swathi lacked the coverage which was expected in the first week for a glitzy wildcard entry. She failed to make strong connections and as always, the newer contestants fail to make an emotional connect with the already formed groups. Swathi is safe this week but is likely that she will be among the nominations for week 5 eliminations.

Kumar Sai was the dark horse of week 4’s proceedings. The underdog of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Kumar Sai made a stellar impact on the housemates after becoming the captain. Another interesting fact to note was Mehaboob was very close to win the captaincy task slot but his gimmicks deserved the ultimate twist. Interestingly, only two of the four contestants who competed in the captaincy task were nominated this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Results Final Live Score Week 4 Elimination

  • Abhijeeth (22%, 89,371 Votes)
  • Harika (20%, 82,826 Votes)
  • Kumar Sai (16%, 63,602 Votes)
  • Swati (13%, 54,111 Votes)
  • Sohel (13%, 51,484 Votes)
  • Lasya (9%, 37,562 Votes)
  • Mehaboob (6%, 25,717 Votes)

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 October 2nd Episode: Will Akhil Save Mehaboob?

Akhil, Monal, Mehaboob and Sohail are bonding well and they were united during the captaincy task. However, Mehaboob ended up in the bottom of pile. In Saturday’s episode, Akhil is called to the confession room. If Bigg Boss gives Akhil a chance to save one contestant from Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, he will save Mehaboob for sure. However, in that case, Swathi Dixit will be the fourth elimination of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.

Who will be the week 4 elimination of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu? Let us know in the comments below.

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