Haruma Miura death: Japanese actor Haruma Miura died due to suicide

Famous actor of Japanese films Haruma Miura passed away. miura was just thirty years old. It is reported that he committed suicide in his own house. The mortal body of the actor was seen hanging around his house at around 1 pm by his servant. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.

According to the news published in Japan’s newspaper and news website, he had to go to work today but when he did not reach work. His own staff tried to find out where he was. After this, when he came home, he found the actor hanging from the noose. Immediately information was also given to the police.
Was a successful actor of Japanese films

Haruma Miura was one of the very successful actors in the Japanese film industry. He also worked as a child artist. He started working since he was seven years old. After this, he further strengthened his identity with the 2007 film Koizora and the 2010 film Kimi ni Todoke.

Why and how he died, police are investigating
The police is questioning the whole matter. Whom the actors used to talk more, the information about the cause of their death is not private, and the police is investigating this matter with Kei Angle.

Sushant and Japanese actor have a lot in common
There are many similarities between the demise of Bollywood’s famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Japanese film actor Haruma Miura. Both were 30 years old. Both of them succeeded in life and committed suicide, the cause of the death of both of them has not yet been known. Both loved animals a lot. Like the actor Sushant, the fans of this Japanese actor have the same question in their mind, after all, why did they commit suicide.

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