MTV Roadies Revolution 21st Episode Vote Out Results: Apoorva Arushi Vote Out Task Winner, Task Team Members & Elimination Results!!

MTV Roadies Revolution returns on Saturday with yet another gripping episode. The 21st episode on 3rd of October will feature an entertaining task with a decisive twist. Last week. the Roadies Revolution vote out session was concluded with a cliffhanger ending. Apoorva and Arushi were eliminated. However, Rannvijay declared that there will be a task in this week’s episode which will decide the fourth elimination of Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution Episode 21 Task Highlights

The most decisive task of the week will feature the much awaited rivalry take centre stage. Apoorva and Arushi have one last chance to prove their might and hunger to win the task. The feminine rivalry will take a peaking point as the most suspense filled task of this edition of Roadies is here.

The duo will be flanked by two other members who will wildcard entries. Team Apoorva and Team Arushi will compete against each other and the most deserving team will guarantee either Arushi or Apoorva safety in Roadies Revolution.

MTV Roadies Revolution 21st Episode Task Team Members

Team Arushi – Team A

  • Arushi Chawla
  • Prakhar Narayan
  • Poonam Shah

Team Apoorva – Team B

  • Apoorva Gole
  • Taniya Hussain
  • Bhavish Madhan

MTV Roadies Revolution October 3rd Vote Out Task Winner – Apoorva or Arushi?

The major twist in the upcoming task would be the role of the gang leaders. The gang leaders can utilize one of the stars to save the contestant who will lose the task.

The task was fought with an intense spirit. The bitter rivals, Apoorva and Arushi had to prove a point and ensure they maintain supremacy for the rest of the season. However, another problem faced by the duo was whether the gang leaders would bother to save them if they lose the task. With a lot of pressure riding on their shoulders and the support of the wildcard entries, Apoorva and Arushi commenced the task.

Arushi was a clearly ahead of Apoorva’s team in the task. Hence, Arushi won the task and Apoorva was on the brink of elimination. Apoorva was on the verge of getting eliminated. According to sources, one of the gang leaders will use their star to save Apoorva.

If this happens, it will be a huge blow to Arushi and Kevin.

Are you excited about this week’s episode of Roadies Revolution? Let us know in the comments below.

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