MTV Roadies Revolution 26th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Apoorva vs Arushi Task Winner, Vote Out Results and Wildcard Updates

The popular show with insane twists and turns, “MTV Roadies Revolution” is on fire! The 20th episode is going comprise of all sorts of drama and emotions. The voting session is definitely going to push the audience to the edge of their seats. One contestant will surely be eliminated at the end of the voting session. However, This episode will stand to be the most exciting one. According to the reports, there might be double elimination in this episode (with a twist)

MTV Roadies Revolution 26th September Episode Written Update and Highlights

After the 3 vote session, the fourth vote session is definitely going to hit hard. The immunity twist is the most interesting part. Since Nikhil won the OPPO task challenge, He can give immunity to one contestant from the VOTE OUT. Considering his entire team that performed the ‘Haddipa Games’ task is non-immune; it will be interesting to see whom he will give the immunity to. Audience are repulsive of Apoorva. However, She revealed the spat that she had with Arushi and Kevin.

Who did Nikhil give the Immunity to?

With a great twist, Nikhil gave the immunity to Kevin to ensure that Arushi stays in Danger Zone.According to the contestants, There is a dirty game played by Kevin. Interestingly, Vipin confronted Kevin and Apoorva. However, Arushi though in Danger zone, is very happy about Kevin’s immunity.

MTV Roadies Revolution Wildcard Entries

Prakhar Narayan, Bhawish Madan are the wild card entries. However, They both won the PI round and they deserved this chance. Interestingly, The new entry Prakhar Narayan accuses Sanjay Negi of having a fake identity. The expressions on the rest of the contestants was priceless!

MTV Roadies Revolution Immunity Updates: Who Will Be Safe from the Fourth Elimination?

Prince Narula’s team was immune as a result of winning the Hadippa task. The contestants in Prince Narula’s team are safe since they won the task.  Nikhil gave the immunity to Kevin. Apart from this:

  • Akash Milan (Captain)
  • Srishti Sudhera
  • Tarandeep
  • Aman

MTV Roadies Revolution 20th Episode Vote Out Session Results

Most of the contestants voted for Arushi and Kevin. Since Kevin got the immunity from Nikhil, He is safe. According to the sources, The vote out will be called off. However, Rannvijay might call onto a double elimination. The twists are amazing in the fourth vote out session.

Varun Sood has an immense advantage. He can cut out the vote counts of four contestants. He will probably use this power to save his team. However, Varun decides to nullify the votes of these four contestants:

The open vote out session happened in the following manner:

The contestants who voted for Apoorva:

  • Akash
  • Nisha
  • Micheal
  • Arushi
  • Kevin
  • Taran
  • Aman

The contestants who voted for Arushi:

  • Abhimanyu
  • Shrishti
  • Vipin
  • Sanjay
  • Jayant
  • Apoorva
  • Pratibha
  • Zabin

Apoorva and Arushi are in the danger zone. The contestants are completely against them and do not trust them. However, Kevin’s,Arushi’s and Michael’s votes will not be counted because of Varun’s advantage.However, the twist in the tale was that this is a fake elimination. One of these two contestants will be eliminated after losing a task. The winner of the task will get another shot at Roadies Revolution.

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