Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 14th August Episode: Why is Preesha Shocked?

The episode begins with Ahana informing Rudra that they had sent the link of wrong question paper to him. She further berates him and leaves. Preesha questions Rudra why he did that, she adds that she has taught Saransh to be righteous and he is teaching him to cheat. He apologies to her and tells her that she has given done an excellent job raising Saransh with moral values.  Preesha tells him praising her won’t reduce his mistake, he then tells her that Saransh refused to cheat and returned the chits to him closing the window on his face. He is glad that he did not copy as all his hard work would have gone waste. Preesha asks Saransh if it is true? He says yes and she tells him that she is proud of him. Rudra observes them and thinks Preesha is an ideal mother and Saransh is really lucky to have a mother like her. He then berates himself for thinking of her as ideal forgetting that she has murdered his brother.

Rudra thinks there might be something wrong with him as he is unable to feel the anger and hatred towards her. He begins to question himself why he always wants to be around them and feels incomplete without them. All three of them share a moment and Preesha questions Rudra why he is staring at her. He tells her that she should have been a lawyer instead of Doctor. Ahana calls Rudra and both of them go to see her. Ahana tells them that Saaransh’s result is out and is shocked seeing the result, Rudra grabs the phone from her and sees it himself.

He reveals that Saransh has passed the exam and both Preesha and Rudra are elated. Preesha questions Ahana about the admission process, Ahana thinks to herself that she will deal with the principal later for not listening to her but now she has to stop the admission from happening. She informs them that Saransh cannot get admission in their ever, Preesha questions her why that is? Ahana apologizes and tells her there is an important school policy she had forgotten about; she says the child is not allowed to admission in the school unless their parents are educated. Preesha tells her what is the problem with that she is a doctor what more could they want? Ahana agrees and tells her that she is but Rudra is not Preesha interrupts her and tells her Rudra is educated, he is such a huge rock star. Ahana asks Rudra if he has not told Preesha about himself, she scolds him that Preesha is his wife and has a right to know about him. She then tells Preesha that Rudra is not a graduate and apologizes for forgetting about the school policy. Adding that the policy was made before she even became a trustee and she cannot do anything about it and Saransh will be heartbroken as he cannot join. Rudra leaves and Preesha follows him. Ahana thinks to herself there is no way they can get out of this as no one can change Rudra’s past.

Preesha and Rudra go to Saaransh’s room and he asks them if he has passed the test? Rudra does not answer and Preesha tells him that he has passed the test. Saransh is overjoyed hearing this and says he will video call his friends and tell them about his admission. Preesha stops him and tells him he will not be attending that school. Saransh gets upset and asks her if he has done anything wrong, Preesha says no and asks him to leave as she has to speak to Rudra and she will tell him the reason later.

Preesha tells Rudra avoiding the problem is not the way to deal with it and asks him to talk to her. She asks him if what Ahana said was true, he says yes. She says it’s not a problem he can get enrolled in a 3-year graduation program and the school authorities will not object to Saaransh’s admission. Rudra says that it is not possible, Saransh overhears them arguing and goes to Sharada. Sharada gives him a gift and praises him for passing the exam, he tells her that he did not get admission. He further adds that he should not have written the exam as Rudra and Preesha are fighting because of him and asks her to come with him.

Rudra tells Preesha that he cannot get enrolled for his graduation because to do that he must have cleared 12th standard and he has not finished his schooling. Preesha is shocked hearing and he tells her that the only classes he was allowed to attend was music classes. He also says that his father made him fulfill his dreams while what Rudra wanted was not cared for and anything that came in the way of music was removed from his life.

Rudra also confides that he lacks the self-confidence which from finishing one’s education and that dream of his has remained unfulfilled. Just then Sharada comes there along with Saransh and says she is also responsible for it as she never could stand against Balraj. She also says that Rudra used to get beaten with a stick for wanting to got o school and she failed in doing anything for him. Saransh hugs Rudra and tells him that no one will harm him from now on as his super wife is not afraid of anyone and not allow anyone to harm him. All of them share a group hug.

The precap shows Rudra informing his family that he will attend the school along with Saransh, all are shocked hearing this. Balraj tells Rudra that he will not allow him to mockery of himself and Rudra tells him that if he tries to stop him there will be consequences to deal with. Balraj gets enraged hearing this and raises his hand to hit Rudra when Preesha intervenes.

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