5 best and 5 worst things in Crisis On Infinite Earths

With a meandering plot and a villain who barely appeared on the screen, Crisis On Infinite Earths was saved by the scenery-chewing greatness of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor. It’s not just that his Luthor is a smarmy know-it-all with a vicious streak that’s a delight to watch. This Luthor is a plot-generating machine. Every second he’s onscreen, he’s coming up with schemes to take advantage of the Crisis and punish his enemies Superman and Supergirl. When the multiverse was in danger, Lex steals the book of destiny in order to kill Superman in every reality, leading to some of the best cameos in the crossover, like Lex confronting the grown-up Clark Kent from Smallville¬†only to find out that he had given up his powers. When going back in time to prevent the Monitor from accidentally releasing the Anti-Monitor, Lex tries to manipulate the Monitor instead, and when the multiverse is rewritten, Lex changes things so he’s now a hero. No matter what he did throughout Crisis, Lex had clear motives, a smart plan, and ruthless ambition.

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