AHS actors who were never the same after their roles

Emma Roberts felt that casting directors always saw her as a “girl next door,” but she was tired of being typecast. She wanted the opportunity to try something different, so when Ryan Murphy reached out to her about playing the powerful, conceited witch Madison Montgomery on Coven, she jumped at the chance, and she credits her time playing Madison as the source of her newfound confidence. 

“It’s definitely made me a more fearless actress,” Roberts told Collider after shooting her first season on AHS. “Things I would normally say no to, I’m more like, ‘Bring it on!'” 

When she returned to AHS for another season a few years later, Roberts said playing Madison and working with Murphy on Scream Queens had opened up new doors for her in Hollywood. “I remember before Madison, I would go up for parts and they’d be like, ‘She’s too sweet,’ or ‘She’s too nice,'” Roberts said in another interview with Collider. “Now, after Madison and Chanel, no one says that.”

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