All the major (and some extended) reunions in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

After the mixed reaction to the premiere episode of Season 8, the much-awaited Episode 2 was out yesterday. With only 6 episodes this season, the pressure on each episode to deliver is high. After all, this is the final season, guys!

So, what do we have in Episode 2? Much more than we had in the first episode. Episode 2 was much tighter, faster, and filled with some great moments. Here’s a look at the best and the worst moments from Game of Thrones Episode 2.

The Best Moments of Episode 2

The episode was crammed with major moments. Here’s a curated pick of the top moments from the show.

1. Brienne of Tarth is now Ser Brienne:

This has to be one of the major highlights of Episode 2. One of our favourite lady fighters was knighted by Ser Jaime in the latest episode. The poignant scene shows a very emotional Brienne kneel in front of Jaime as he awkwardly draws out his sword with his left hand and says the words, the sword resting on Brienne’s shoulder. Brienne had always been a fighter and who could be more deserving of a knighthood but her? And it was kind of poetic that she was knighted by Jaime.

2. J+B anyone? : Keep still, my beating heart! I can’t get over the adorable chemistry between Jaime and Brienne. Right from the moment in the Great Hall when she stands up for him, to Jaime telling her that he is here to serve under her command, the chemistry between the two is so tangible, you could touch it!

3. Lyanna being awesome. As always: I swear the world needs more Lyanna Mormonts. As she tells Cousin Jorah that she won’t hide in the crypts but will fight for the North, I’m sure all the viewers’ chests collectively swelled with pride.

4. The Nights Watch reunion. And Tormund: Our favourite black brother with a dry sense of humor, Eddison Tollett is back with what’s left of the Night’s Watch. But even as he moves to give old pal Jon a hug, look who gets to Jon first. It’s Tormund, you guys! But the hug is only a precursor to his actual motive of being in Winterfell. Who cares about the White Walkers, anyway? Tormund’s got eyes only for Brienne.

5. Bran being Bran and Jaime being, well, baffled:

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

Bran has his own unique way of maintaining the same expression no matter what. And it beautifully adds some creepiness to everything that he says (forgive the paradox). So first he cooly reminds Jaime that he hasn’t forgotten a thing (The things we do for love!), and then asks him a pertinent question (How do you know there’s an afterwards?). And later, Bran revealing that the Nights King’s purpose is to erase this world by killing its memory, Bran himself, was putting everything we saw until now into perspective.

6. The party by the fire. The odd mix of people sitting by the fire and having what could be the last drink of their lives was a delight to watch. It starts with the two Lannister brothers acknowledging the truth about their sister. Then come Brienne and Podrick. Soon, they are joined by Tormund who probably was stalking Brienne (is it cute or is it creepy?) and Davos. Tormund’s story about why he is known as Giantsbane was alright. The reactions were priceless, especially Davos declaring he needs a drink, after all.

7. Honorable mentions: Grey Worm and Missandei deciding to go to Naath after they are done with Daenerys’ wars, Tyrion sitting by Bran to hear his story, Jorah counseling Dany about Tyrion, Sansa and Theon reunion, and Jorah getting a Valyrian steel sword from Sam.


The Worst Moments of Episode 2

Well, the episode was mostly good, but it had its moments of well, not good? Here’s a quick recap.

1. Arya and Gendry. Enough said: We all have seen Arya literally grow up on the series. She is the universal ‘little sister’ no matter that now she is a part of the Faceless Men. And everyone was quite keen on her and Gendry ending up together (Let’s join our Houses, says Robert to Ned). But not like this, for gods’ sake.

2. Daenerys and literally everybody else.

Seriously, what is wrong with Daenerys? Is the madness which plagued her House getting to her finally? First, she is unfairly mad at Tyrion because Cersei did not send an army. Then, she looks as if someone stole her ice cream when Jon and Sansa decide to let Jaime live. Then she proceeds to threaten Tyrion that she will strip him of his position as a Hand. Immediately afterward, we see that she is being the sweet girl again when she attempts to win Sansa’s trust and does impressively well but Sansa only has to remind her that the North belongs to the Northerners and we see the flash of madness on Dany’s face again.

3. Ghost in a completely downplayed cameo: Our favorite white direwolf with red eyes only got a cameo in episode 2. Why didn’t we see Jon bonding with him? And he doesn’t even get Dany to meet his wolf and see whether he approves of bae. Major disappointment.

4. Jon proposes, Dany disposes:

jennys song refers to dany-jon's fate

So, Jon proposes the theory that he is Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s legitimate son Aegon Targaryen. (Because Bran saw so, and Sam read it somewhere). Firstly, the timing was really bad. Either Jon should have immediately come to her and told her that he is her nephew, or held his horses until the great war is fought. What is the point in talking about something so important when he knows the army of the dead will be at the gates any minute? Secondly, Dany’s reaction! She is not worried about the moral implications of this. All she is worried about is Jon’s claim to the Throne. And boy, is she angry at that! Madness is coming.

All in all, a good episode. And we saw the dead horses with their riders, finally. They are here.

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