Ann Coulter Absolutely Roasted After She Loses It Over Border Wall Loss

Today is a good day. Trump caved on his border wall, reopening the government and earning the nickname “Cave Man.” Roger Stone was arrested on obstruction charges. And the right, meanwhile, is imploding into a puddle of hate and failure. After over a month of the shutdown threatening the security and general stability of the country while federal workers went without pay, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of celebration, right? Even if it’s at the expense of another person?

Don’t worry, that person is only Ann Coulter.

Coulter was one of the people credited for inspiring Trump to suddenly focus on the border wall hardcore and start the shutdown. Back in December, she started writing and tweeting about the wall and Trump’s apparent broken promises, calling him a “joke.” Just a couple days later, the shutdown began, even though Trump unfollowed her.

Is she really responsible for the shutdown that caused people to lose their health insurance, their homes, their vehicles, and for federal contractors, over a month’s worth of pay? Maybe, but even if she isn’t, she’s a terrible person, so it’s hard to feel bad about all the people making fun of her for her post-government turn-on meltdown.

And the gifs alone are just super funny.

Ann Coulter will be on Bill Maher tonight. We’ll see if she’s more Wicked Witch Ann or Gollum Ann.

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