Big News Big Debate : Jumping Japangs in AP ahead of polls

Watch Big News Big Debate : Jumping Japangs in AP ahead of polls

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Rajinikanth’s Daughter Feels Blessed Watching It!

March 16, 2019

In the olden days, Individuals especially women used to hesitate to seek divorce and opt for second marriage after the birth of children from first marriage. But now, Women are much more independent to follow their heart rather than worrying about the society when things weren’t going well.

Chiru’s Young Daughter Srija married Kalyan Dev after seeking divorce from Sirish Bharadwaj. Fortunately, Kalyan Dev has been treating Srija’s daughter from first marriage as that of his own Daughter.

Something similar happened in the case of Rajinikanth’s Younger Daughter Soundarya who married Vishagan after seeking divorce from first husband. A short while ago, She shared a lovely picture of Vishagan and her Son Ved playing with each other. ‘And that’s what a #Blessing looks like. #MyBoys #MyLife #Ved #Vishagan #Grateful #Blessed #GodsAreWithUs,’ wrote the Filmmaker.

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