British Army and Night’s Watch team up to promote Game of Thrones Season 8

Emilia Clarke fell off a horse and cried in front of the whole crew on her first day of shooting. Kit Harington’s most memorable scene to shoot was the day he first met “Ygritte” AKA now-wife Rose Leslie. Maisie Williams had the most fun throwing pigeon pie at Sophie Turner on her first day on Game of Thrones. And the one thing Peter Dinklage hates about the show is that everybody expects him to be wittier than he really is, thanks to Tyrion’s wry sense of humour.

HBO has released 13 videos of various Game of Thrones actors talking about their decade-long attachment with the show, and it was a powerful trip down memory lane for all of us fans. You can access the full playlist here:

The short videos, shot in an interview format, had the stars talking about life during Thrones, their finest days, favourite scenes, favourite people to work with, and much more. Apart from the aforementioned, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Iain Glen, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Liam Cunningham and John Bradley are part of the interview series.

The ten years of Game of Thrones has been an incredible journey for us all, but none more so than the cast. Some – like Maisie, Sophie, and Isaac – went from pre-teens to adults, and some of them (Emilia, Kit, John) literally learnt how to face the camera and build their careers here. The veterans on the other hand (Lena, Peter, Nikolaj) gushed about having such rich material to work with.


The Cast Remembers: Stars Ruminate on a Decade of Shooting Game of Thrones


But there is one thing every cast member speaks of gaining – a family. Maisie and Sophie had a common favourite day of shooting – when they reunited in Season 7. Emilia stated she still couldn’t imagine not seeing Peter or Natalie (Emanuel) every day. All of them made some friends for life and learnt a lot about themselves as well. The camaraderie would be hard to replace when they move on to other projects.

Well, that’s what a truly well-rounded and satisfying experience should sound like. Now its left for the viewers and us fans to judge if the final season leaves us with something similar.

What would you miss the most about Game of Thrones once it ends? Tell us in the comments below!

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