Couple Adopts Sweet Little 6-Year Old Who Turns Out To Be A 22-Year Old Sociopath –

Adoption is always a risky move. Welcoming a child into your family and home is a huge step to take, and it is one of a selfless and caring nature. But when adopting a child who is already a few years old, it is sometimes unknown as to what background they have come from.

Impeachment is looking inevitableand the earth is literally on fire. Yet the craziest news story of the week is the real-life Orphan who may or may not be an adult masquerading as a child. Oh, she also allegedly tried to kill her adoptive parents, so they left her in Indiana and fled to Canada where their other child attends the elite Perimeter Institute studying theoretical physics. 

Kristine Barnett, 45, and Michael Barnett, 43, allegedly dumped their Ukrainian-born daughter Natalia Grace, who has dwarfism, in a flat in the US and moved to Canada.

The couple later discovered that the child that they had adopted was an adult woman with dwarfism who was acting like a child and was also a sociopath.

The couple adopted the Ukraine born, Natalia Grace in the year 2010 when they were told that she is 6 years old and her birth certificate showed the same.

According to the reports by Police, the girl who has a rare form of dwarfism, is 3 feet tall and was left to fend for herself for three years. She also has problem walking.

Over the next few days the couple showered Natalia with attention, taking her to Disney World, enjoying ice creams, treats and playful pillow fights with her three brothers to slowly bring her out of her shell.

When they took Natalia to a beach for the first time, she did something that would leave the couple speechless.

‘The boys rushed into the water and Natalia wanted to be carried into the ocean. Michael and myself were physically exhausted so we asked her to wait just a few minutes,’ she said.
‘With that she just got up and ran into the ocean. I remember looking at Mike and thinking, what’s going on? She couldn’t walk a second ago and now she just got up and ran.’

Barnett claims the true victims are her and her family who were terrorized for years by the mysterious impostor who threatened to stab them in their sleep, pushed her towards an electric fence and poured bleach in her coffee.

But in an exclusive interview at an undisclosed location, Kristine insists there’s a major flaw in their case: Natalia was not a nine year old – as charging documents claim – she was actually 22.

‘The movie ‘Orphan’ is exactly what happened.  

Kristine claims she soon began to get suspicious that everything wasn’t as it seemed. One time, for example, the mother says she was giving her a bath when she noticed ‘she had full pubic hair’.

Barnett says she soon began finding bloody clothing in the trash suggesting Natalia was having her period and trying to conceal the evidence. ‘She had periods. She had adult teeth. She never grew a single inch, which would happen even with a child with dwarfism’, she said.

There were further clues to an apparent deception: Natalia shunned dolls and toys, sought the company of teenage girls and appeared to use sophisticated vocabulary way beyond someone her age.

After getting a doctor to perform bone density tests, they reportedly proved the young girl was at least 14 and Kristine says she began buying her more ‘age-appropriate’ clothes. It’s at this point the young girl’s mental health started to deteriorate, Kristine claims.

The mother said Natalia smeared bodily fluids on walls, made death threats, and even attempted to drag her onto an electric fence during a birthday outing in 2012. She claims they realised the adoption was a scam and made the decision to leave.

It was during treatment that Barnett insists that Natalia confessed to being far older than she appeared. Further evidence collected by the couple proved that Natalia was in fact born in 1989. Barnett  presented with a trove of paperwork that appears to confirm her version of events – and that health care professionals shared her grave concerns. One clinical therapist in January 2012 said Natalia claimed to them that she was 18.

She is now receiving psychiatric treatment appropriate for an adult.  I know she has a unique case of dwarfism but my god there has to be a way to medically tell her age that isn’t cutting her open and counting the rings like she’s a goddamn tree. I mean is she 11? 14? 18? 22? 33? JUST TELL US HOW OLD YOU ARE, NATALIA.  

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