‘Don’t Have To Pay Any Fine Ever,’ Gujarat Man Glues License & RC To His Helmet To Avoid Getting Challaned –

We  have all heard the saying that necessity is the mother of all inventions and seems like the new Motor Vehicles Act has people innovating the best.

In the past few days, there have been cases where people were charged with heavy if they broke traffic rules under the new act. And in order to safeguard himself from these heavy fines, a man from Vadodara has come up with an ingenious idea which had made even the traffic police happy.

Insurance agent, Ram Shah, who travels every day by his two-wheeler, decided to paste his driving license along with the vehicle’s RC, insurance slip and PUC certificate on his helmet.

So now, whenever any traffic police official stops him, all his documents are always available with him. “This way I am never hassled on the road and I don’t have to pay any fine ever.”

People are ready to do whatever it takes them to avoid getting fined.

Some days ago a man in UP was apparently fined for not wearing a helmet in a car. So now the man don’t want to take any further risk and started wearing helmet while driving car. The police says that there might have been a confusion regarding seat belts and helmets. 

Well by pasting all the documents on the helmet, no one can forget them at home!


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