Emilia Clarke becomes the first ever Global Brand Ambassador for the cosmetics brand Clinique

The Game of Faces was a powerful thing in Game of Thrones. We know Arya Stark played it brilliantly in the show, showcasing the power of the faceless men. However, Daenerys Targaryen never needed to play it, as she felt omnipotent in her own skin and face. Emilia Clarke is taking that leaf out of Dany’s book, reading it to us in a lovely way. Emilia is now the first ever global brand ambassador of skincare and makeup for Clinique, which is an American dermatologist brand for skincare and cosmetics.

Emilia Clarke becomes the first ever Global Brand Ambassador for the cosmetics brand Clinique

The actress announced her association on Instagram as well as in a brand statement:

“I am proud to join Clinique as the new Global Brand Ambassador. It’s a skincare brand I have regularly used and to now be a part of that family is such an honor. I love the confidence and happiness it brings to the people using their products. Not only is Clinique timeless, but I am proud to work with a brand that makes people feel included for who they are, and unapologetic about helping them to create great skin – no matter what their skin concern is.”

Jane Lauder, the Global Brand President for Clinique spoke on behalf of her company:

“Clinique has been a long-standing advocate for empowering woman with the knowledge that good skin can be created. We were drawn to Emilia because she is optimistic, happy in her skin, and embodies a modern multi-faceted woman who is constantly evolving along with her skincare needs. She is also an authentic user and a fan of Clinique, which was important to us. Emilia will lend her impactful voice to help inspire consumers to embrace their own unique skincare journey.”

In a behind-the-scenes chat with Jane, Clarke talked about her link with Clinique and many other things about her persona.

The company has launched a Clinique ID campaign that Emilia kick-started by choosing an ID for herself. The ID is said to be a customizable moisturizer to find a perfect product to hydrate and treat the skin in a way that suits an individual. One can choose from 20 different combinations for a variety of skin tones and types.

It’s not the first time that Clarke has associated with a beauty brand though. The English actress has also been the face of the Italian fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana’s fragrance line. Without a doubt, she is still ‘the only one.

Emilia Clarke becomes the first ever Global Brand Ambassador for the cosmetics brand Clinique

Our beautiful Khaleesi has had a wonderful last year with a waving Game of Thrones, and films like Above Suspicion and Last Christmas. She also launched SameYou in 2019; a charity aimed at the recovery and immediate rehab of young adults from brain injuries. It’s inspired by her own story of suffering from multiple brain aneurysms.

Emilia has begun the new year putting up a face; and it seems to be a happy one. So, what do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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