Emilia Clarke reveals why she said yes to Last Christmas without even reading the script

Halloween might be almost here, but Emilia Clarke and rest of the cast of Last Christmas, has made sure that people are in the Christmas spirit. The upcoming rom-com, which also features Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding, releases on November 8 and fans can’t wait to watch the movie.

Emilia Clarke shares why she said yes to Last Christmas before reading the script


The movie is going to be Emilia Clarke’s first role since she said goodbye to Game of Thrones, and she plays Kate, who works as a Christmas Elf in a departmental store.


Even though Kate’s character is completely different from that of Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia shares a lot in common with her Last Christmas character. While her character is recovering from a life-threatening illness, Clarke herself had to endure two brain aneurysms and that shared experience has allowed Clarke to connect really well with her character in the movie.

“It was uncanny reading the script because it’s my life at this point. I have the benefit of having space between myself and my sickness and what you see through Kate is the fear of what happens when your body fails you in some way,” Clarke told the Daily Telegraph.

Emilia Clarke shares why she said yes to Last Christmas before reading the script


She further added, “It’s not one of those things that happens to you and you’re like, ‘I’m happy to be alive.’ It’s the complete opposite of what happens. You spend a good few years of thinking, ‘I’m going to die.’ You can feel incredibly scared about simple things and it’s the act of living that can, in any way, soften that,”

However, in spite of having similarities with her character, Clarke admitted that she was ready to be a part of the movie even before she knew anything about the character she has played in the movie. Emilia Clarke has revealed that the moment she discovered that Emma Thompson had co-written the script for the movie alongside Bryony Kimmings, she promptly said yes to joining the film.

Emilia Clarke shares why she said yes to Last Christmas before reading the script


“It was pitched to me like, ‘Emma Thompson has written a movie.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t even need to read it. Yes, I’m in, I’m 100 percent in.’ I think she is the greatest human and with the double combo of Paul Fieg directing, it was an absolute no-brainer. Worst-case scenario, we were at least going to have a wonderful time,” the actress shared about finding out Thompson’s involvement with Last Christmas.

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