Emilia Clarke says the fan backlash for Game of Thrones Season 8 was “profoundly flattering”

Game of Thrones has been great at a lot of things, but there’s one big criticism the show has always faced – lack of diversity. Now, a major star of the show has commented on this particular issue. Nathalie Emmanuel, who played the role of Missandei on the show, has said that the show could’ve done better in terms of handling diversity on the show. Read on!

Speaking in a recent interview with Evening Standard, Nathalie discussed the show’s glaring absence of diverse representation in terms of having actors of colour. When asked about what she thought of the criticism the show got for this exact reason, she said:

“I think it was fair.”

She added:

“It’s something that they could have done better on.”

However, Nathalie had good things to say about the matter, as well:

“They really gave the characters of colour they did have some great stories and scenes to play.

In the books, my character isn’t really prominent. They really gave me some beautiful things to do and portray with my amazing friend and colleague Jacob [Anderson, who played Grey Worm].

I felt really supported and looked after in that respect. But I think it’s important to note that they could have done better there.”

Emmanuel also seemed hopeful of the future of diversity in television:

“Hopefully that criticism will be heeded for future shows of that magnitude.

That’s only a positive thing, so I’m excited to see what those conversations have started.”

She also discussed the show ending and her experience being on it:

It will always be bittersweet because we had such an amazing time and amazing experience with one another. We bonded for life.

But I’m excited. I feel really happy to see what other opportunities are out there. Game Of Thrones changed my life, I was working in retail when I got that job.

It’s always going to be sad not going to work with my friends.”

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